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Located within the School of Arts, Philosophy offers students the opportunity both to develop general analytic and interpretive skills and also to examine important moral, metaphysical and epistemological questions. The course is not restricted to any particular philosophical school or tradition and aims to provide a broad approach to Philosophy which emphasises connections with other disciplines.

Philosophy is an excellent adjunct to almost any area of university study, as well as being a central area in its own right. It combines well with work in the Humanities and the Natural and Social Sciences. It provides critical and analytical training which is relevant in many areas of study and work, and the skills it imparts are in demand in many areas of employment, including the public sector and, increasingly, the professions and business.

Philosophy gives you an opportunity to study some of the most important yet least considered aspects of human life - the views we take of ourselves and the world, the assumptions they are based on, and the arguments that may justify them. We aim to teach students to think critically, marshal arguments, and express themselves clearly in both speech and writing, thus bringing their trained intelligence to bear upon their private lives and the life we share in society.

Philosophy has attracted a lively and able body of students, who include school leavers and a diverse mix of mature-age entrants, overseas students, people wishing to continue their education for its own sake, and those who are returning to the education system after a period away from the discipline of studying. The environment that results is stimulating for staff and students alike.

You may also take units externally, and, although some may not be available in this mode, you can complete an entire degree programme in Philosophy externally, if you need to.

Philosophy and Careers

Philosophy prepares you for any career to which an arts or humanities degree is appropriate. It is well-suited to those of you who have not decided on a specific career at the outset of your studies, since it allows you to keep your options open while undertaking an exciting and interesting tertiary education.

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