Philosophy at Murdoch University

Honours Program

Honours in Philosophy

Course Structure - 24 credit points

Coursework - 12 credit points

ART604 Advanced Research Methods - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1-internal, S1-external

ART503 Honours Seminar in Arts - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1-internal

PHL569 Honours Dissertation Preliminary - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1-internal, S2-internal, Y-internal

PHL582 Honours Topic in Philosophy - 3 points
MURDOCH: S1-internal, S2-internal, Y-internal

Thesis - 12 credit points

PHL589 Honours Thesis in Philosophy - 12 points
MURDOCH: S1-internal, S2-internal

Please refer to the 2016 Handbook.



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