Phenomenology and the Problem of Meaning in Human Life and History: Husserl and Patočka April 19th-20th, 2013 Prague Workshop Website
Workshop on Life-World and Natural World: Husserl and Patočka Nov 29th-30th, 2012 Dublin Workshop Website
Beyond Myth and Enlightenment Sep 11th-14th, 2012 Vienna Event Website
Workshop 2012 - Judgment, Responsibility and the Life-world May 9th-11th, 2012 Prague, Czech Republic Workshop Website
Workshop 2011 - Judgment, Responsibility and the Life-world November 29th-30th, 2011 Perth, WA Workshop Website
IV. OPO Meeting September 19th-23rd, 2011 Segovia OPO Meeting Website
Husserl Circle April 27th-30th, 2011 Florence Husserl Circle Website
The 4th International Conference of Phenomenology for East Asia CirclE: PEACE in 2011 in Taiwan December 9th-13th, 2010 Taiwan 4th Peace Website
Husserl Circle June 21th-24th, 2010 New York Husserl Circle Website