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Philosophy Encyclopedias

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Australasian Philosophy Sites

The Australasian Phenomenology and Hermeneutics Association

Australasian Association of Philosophy

Australasian Journal of Philosophy

Postgraduate study in Philosophy in Australasia

Australian Association of Professional and Applied Ethics

Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

The Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy

The Association for Philosophy in Schools (WA) Inc

Philosophy Outside Australia

The Organization of Phenomenological Organizations

American Philosophical Association

American Philosophical Society

Philosophy by Region

European Society for Analytic Philosophy

Events in Analytic Philosophy in Europe (and Overseas Countries)

Feminist Philosophy Sites

Rosa Luxemburg Institute (RLI)

The Feminist Theory Website


Perseus Project

Philosophers' Gallery

Philosophical Humour

The Philosophers' Magazine

Philosophy News Service

Internet Philosopher

Latin Words and Phrases for Philosophy

The Philosopher's Zone - ABC Radio National



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