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Undergraduate Studies In Philosophy

At Murdoch, undergraduate studies are split up into Part I, and Part II (year 2 and 3) units. Part I units are first year level units (although are not necessarily restricted to first year students!) and Part II units are for second year and above studies. Units are for the most part worth 3 points, with full-time students taking 24 points (12 per semester) each year. Thus, to meet the requirements for a three-year undergraduate degree, you are required to complete 24 points of Part I units and 48 points of Part II units.

Each programme has its set of core (required) units, programme elective units (which are a selection of units that fit the requirements for the specific programme of study, from which you can freely select the required number of units according to your intended specialty/ies, and/or interests), and free electives that can be chosen from any (unrestricted) units across campus. Naturally, if you are doing a double major, the number of free electives is usually reduced significantly due to the necessity to do the core and required electives for each programme. 

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